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Tom Mix was the "King Of Cowboys".  He was considered the one-time top movie cowboy of Hollywood making over 300 silent movies between 1909 and 1935.  He crossed-over to talking movies of which he made nine.

Thomas Hezikiah Mix was born January 6, 1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania to Edwin and Elizabeth Mix.  His father was a stable master and taught him to ride and love horses.

In April 1898 he served in the Army.  After serving he traveled around working on large cattle ranches in the Oklahoma Territory and participated in rodeo's.  He became recognized as a skilled horseman and expert shot, winning national riding and roping contests in Prescott, Arizona in 1909 and in Canon City, Colorado, 1910.

His film career started in October 1909 in Los Angeles, California, when he was invited to participate in the filming of "The Cowboy Millionaire" as a supporting cast member.  In 1910 he appeared as himself in the "Ranch Life In The Great Southwest" in which he displayed his skills as a cattle wrangler.  The film was a success and Mix became an early motion picture star.

Let us not forget "Tony", the first horse to bear the name "The Wonder Horse," and was Tom's companion.  Tony is most known for his intelligence and ability to perform remarkable stunts.

Tony starred in over two dozen silent and sound films during his career, becoming a celebrity too.  For his contributions to the motion picture industry, Mix has a star on the Walk Of Fame, 1708 Vine Street, Hollywood, California.  In 1927, his cowboy boot prints, palm prints and Tony's hoof prints can be found in front of Graumann's Chinese Theatre (now called Mann's Chinese Theatre), 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California.

He was the first horse to be given equal billing with his human costar.  He was featured in three movies with his name:  "Just Tony" (1922), "Oh! You Tony" (1924) and "Tony Runs Wild" (1926).  Tony is listed as appearing in thirty-four films between 1922 and 1932.   Tony could untie Mix's hands, open gates, loosen his reins, rescue Mix from a fire, jump from one cliff to another and run after trains.  Tony was slightly injured in his last movie (1932) and Mix took care of him and also made provisions for his care in the event of his own death, which was prophetic.  Tony outlived Mix.  Tony was 42 years old when he died (1899-1942).

Little Known Facts:

--In 1929 he was a paul bearer at his dear friend, Wyatt Earp's funeral, at which he reportedly wept.

--When John Wayne was injured in a football game at USC, Mix helped him get a job moving props on the back lot of Fox Studios.

--The RKO Radio Pictures studio Mixed worked for was owned by Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

--In 1958 he was posthumously inducted into the Western Performers Hall Of Fame at the National Cowboy And Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   In 1959 a 'Monument To The Stars' was erected on Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California.  It was embossed with full-length likenesses of early stars who appeared in famous silent movies of which Mix was one.

--There is a Tom Mix museum in Dewey, Oklahoma and Mix Run, Pennsylvania.

--Mix married five times and had two daughters:  Ruth, born 1912 and Thomasina Mix (Tommie), born 1922.

--October 12, 1940, he was traveling in his 1937 Cord Phaeton convertible near Florence, Arizona.  He missed the "bridge out" warning sign on the highway and hit an embankment.  Oddly, he was killed instantly when a flying metal suitcase brained him, breaking his neck.  Mix was 60 years old.  He was interred at Forest Lawn, Glendale, California.

Today, if you travel down Arizona State Route 79, 17 miles south of Florence, Arizona (between mile markers 115 and 116), you will see a stone monument with a two-foot high metal riderless and forlorn horse, Tony.  Singing cowboy, Gene Autry, dedicated the memorial on behalf of Mix and Tony in 1947.

Tom Mix was one of my first childhood cowboy memories and I was honored to create this bronze in his memory.



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